When I look at the range of courses I’ve taught over the past twenty-five years and my research, poetry, and publishing endeavors, I see three interrelated things: my interests in academic research, creative writing, and honors education; my commitment to sharing what I learn from my own projects with my students; and my investment in bringing what I learn from my students into my scholarship. I reflected on a specific example of the relationship between my research and my teaching in a post on my blog, The Honor Roll: “Sharing Our Research with Students.”

For several years, my work became more administrative. In addition to coordinating the Honors Program, I worked with accreditation, assessment, institutional effectiveness, and other related projects. Thankfully, I was always able to teach at least a few classes each year.

Currently, I have one course release per term to coordinate the Honors Program and the college’s Sigma Zeta Chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society. I am still able to teach two writing and/or literature classes and continue making connections between my own research, creative writing, and teaching.

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