Ezra Pound

I have spent years reading Pound’s writing and thinking about his role in American modernism, Orientalist discourse, and the early American interest in haiku. I have explored his work as a writer, editor, publisher, and translator. I have also grappled with the relationship between his antisemitism, racism, being charged with treason, and mental illness. I continue to analyze all of these things, publishing some of my findings, and planning to pursue this work for many more years.

Articles on Pound include:

— “‘High Civilization’: The Role of Noh Drama in Ezra Pound’s Cantos,” Papers on Language and Literature 48.3 (2012): 227-244.

— “‘An Unlikely Treasure Hoard’: The Beginning of Ezra Pound’s Poetics and the Conclusion of ‘The Seafarer,’” Notes and Queries 55.4 (2008): 469-474.

— “Fenollosa’s Legacy: The Japanese Network of Ezra Pound,” Philological Quarterly 87 (2008): 371-389

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