Thanks for visiting my ePortfolio. My interest in ePortfolios developed out of my work as the Faculty Coordinator for the Lane Honors Program at Lane Community College. Our program requires students to build and maintain ePortfolios. In the honors seminars, I teach students how to create the portfolios and to use them to increase their critical thinking skills.

In my own ePortfolio, I’ve collected samples of my poetry, publishing, research, and teaching, and I’ve included reflections on the intersections between these different but related interests.

Finding moments where these interests align is always gratifying. A recent example is my involvement with the republication of Seal Rock by John Haislip. Seal Rock received the first Oregon Book Award for Poetry by Literary Arts and yet the book has been out of print for several years.


When John’s widow, Karen Locke, decided to reprint the book, I offered to distribute it from Mountains and Rivers Press. I chaired a panel, “John Haislip’s Seal Rock: Thirty Years Later,” that Karen and I set up at the Oregon Poetry Association Conference in September 2016.  I also helped Karen organize a reading by some of John’s former students at Tsunami Books, and made it an Honors Program event, giving away copies of the book to students and inviting them to the reading.

I’m grateful to Karen for making sure that this important book is still in print and available to readers.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. caprariok

    The site and your writings are beautiful and thoughtful. It is a treat to “meet” the other talents, interests and activities of someone that one is acquainted with in a certain and limited setting. Congratulations on your creative work!

    1. rosenowce Post author

      Thanks so much for reading and for your comments! I agree about meeting other talents, etc. outside of the other more limited setting. I feel the same way!


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